Environment: Should It Be Protected Or Not?

If the environment is so important to us, then why are we just talking about it and doing nothing to protect it?

The Earth is here to stay, It will adapt to its new settings, but what about us? Will we be able to adapt to the new settings?

If the Earth decides to go sarcastic on our asses, we will become extinct just like the dinosaurs and the mammoths.. Humans are already an endangered species, despite our growing numbers. We’ve driven many species to extinction over the past century and soon it will be our time. The sooner we realize it, the better it will be for us.

There have been many warnings, but we being humans, will always chose to ignore it because of the “nothing has happened to me yet, so why bother?” attitude. Only when one, personally, goes through a screw up does one realize that he/she needs to do something about it. Until we all go through the adverse effects of our doings, we will not respond and by the time we each have gone through a screw up, it will be too late.

Fun it out in these last days.. \m/