How Life Works?

This a page where all of you can put in your ideas on how life works?

This page is intended to bring together like minded thinkers and churn out their views about life. Let’s try and attempt to solve the mysteries of life. If you have any theories, then please do post a comment so we can all engage in constructive discussions.

We have here a bunch of brilliant minds brainstorming and battling perspectives to decode the algorithm of existence. It’s thrilling to even attempt solving the mystery that has been bugging us since the existence of man himself.

Why are we here? why is everything around us here? Why do things happen? What leads to the development of a chain of events that affect us and everything around us? What is the importance of good and bad? Is there really a god? If yes then who or what is god? Do we have a purpose? Is there an afterlife? are some of the numerous questions that we can ask here and seek answers from other like minded people to get a better judgement of what life really is.

Looking forward to a healthy debate 🙂