Kula Shaker

Have you felt some sort of background music going on in your head sometimes? Well, when you listen to Kula Shaker, it will remind you of that music. Brilliant musicians composing brilliant music. They lace western music with an Indian feel making it an amazing piece of art. You just can’t press stop or next when you Que their albums in your playlist. You will want to listen to the entire track and then the next until you finish listening to their entire discography, leaving you wanting more. Mind-blowing compositions, great transitions and amazing vocals, that’s Kula Shaker for you.

Their music truly uplifts your mood and spirit which helps you forget why you were disturbed in the first place! After you are done listening to them, their music rings in your ears and you feel like listening to no other form of music for a while. They are very technical when it comes to composing a song. They have a hook in every song and you’ll always remember a Kula Shaker song once you hear it.

Govinda, Great Hossannah, Mystical Machine Gun, Sound of drums, The One That Got Away, Second Sight, Out On The Highway, 6ft Down, Tattva, Shower Your Love and Under The Hammer are some amazing songs.

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