Led Zeppelin

Psychedelic Blues? Who’d have thunk it? Thanks to Led Zeppelin for paving the way, so some amazing psychedelia could follow after their arrival. Truly, The Legends Of Rock and Fabulous Musicians. There is no doubt that they are the pioneers of the music that we hear today.

Their music trips you out and about, and you have no choice but to surrender your mind to them. Amazing melodies and brilliant compositions that go right into your head and disables all your other senses is what Led Zeppelin offers. If you haven’t heard Led Zeppelin, You haven’t heard anything yet! Listen to the entire discography and you will find no tracks that are not worth being in the album. Every track has its own feel and intensity. Led Zeppelin have never been restricted to a single type of music, in fact they have a huge palette of compositions to pick and get lost into. It’s surprising how people in the 60′s and 70′s came up with such amazing and original forms of music with the limitations in technology.  Today, all you hear is top-notch production values and pretty crappy content. Zeppelin on the other hand had some amazing music released that didn’t need any productions because their content was captivating and mind-blowing, something which most bands today lack in their music.

Every time I put on Led Zeppelin, I am taken back to the 70′s where everything was the best. It feels like I am taken back to that era and am actually living it! They are the favourite artists of a huge bunch of people and I don’t see why that shouldn’t be true? With brilliant music like this, they are bound to swoop the world of their feet, any day..

Have you ever had the feeling that your mind is being electrocuted? Zeppelin usually does that. They send a bolt of lightening right through you and you feel utterly blessed to have heard such amazing music.

Zeppelin Rocks \m/

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