Pink Floyd

Has there ever been a better artist? If you think there is! ask yourself the question again. There cannot be a better artist than Pink Floyd because they are a bunch of brilliant minds coming together due to some freak cosmic alignment, which happens once in a 100 billion years, to make something which is simply the definition of music. They cannot be anything else but Elite.

Every song has a feel of its own, the psychedelia is hauntingly beautiful. The music is so appealing that your thoughts get hypnotized and it starts to seem as though its speaking to you. You drift off into a zone where you feel as though you are at the center of things and you are in total control which is ironic because you are not! It’s them, their music is in control of your thoughts. Now that’s pretty psychedelic. Their music cannot be put into any era or genre, it’s what it is, it’s Floyd! It leaves a colossal impact on the listener.

Soothing, haunting, thrilling, psychedelic, explosive and beautiful are the characteristics that constitute a Pink Floyd album. When you put a Floyd album on, just forget everything else and enjoy the next 1 hour that follows. I guarantee you that you will never have a better experience. No matter what you’ve heard till date, when Floyd comes on, everything else seems mediocre and not worth listening.

In simpler times there were Mozart and Bach, in modern times it’s Pink Floyd.

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