They seem to have a free flow of goodness in their music. Their symphonies are brilliantly composed to perfection. Once you go Tycho its tough to switch back. They keep you hooked from the first until the last song of their discography and then leave you wanting more. (Kinda like a super hot chick you can never get enough of?)

The music is layered with samples that are hard to hate. Tycho is a perfect example of a beautiful supernova of tunes in your head. You will like everything about their music because there is nothing to not like!

Hours, Dictaphone’s Lament, Ascension, Daydream, Adrift, Human Condition, Dream As A Memory, The Science of Patterns, Cloud Generator,The Disconnect and Sunrise Projector, in any order, are the most amazing tracks from the remaining amazing ones.

Every track teleports your mind to a mind blowing day dream. It takes you on some of the best trips ever! Very few artists can do that for you. Tycho sorts your mental scene; that’s what I found out.

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