Zero 7

The music is a perfect mix of the right elements at the right tempo. The listening experience is out of the world. The layers are perfectly blended for a deep psychedelic experience. Groovy bass lines give the much-needed chill required for your brain so it doesn’t fry out! The samples are catchy and manage to grab your attention from the first listen.

I have seen, Red Dust, Give It Away, When It Falls, Home, Space Between Us, Fine Social Scene and Waiting Line are some of the mesmerizing tracks. You get a lovely feeling when you here their music, it paints a nice picture in your head. The music is smooth and your mind enjoys what it’s hearing.

When you listen to Zero 7, your mind will be zoned in and then you won’t be able to get your mind off their music. It chills you down and out and there is nothing you can do about it, except, accept it and let your mood change. If you have lately been feeling withdrawals of some kind and want to calm yourself down, listen to Zero 7 and all your withdrawals will vanish. It will calm your thoughts and teleport you to a place where you can trip yourself with their music. Amazing samples and symphonies composed into brilliant tunes that will stay in your head for a long time and will keep you coming back for more.

Brilliant Artists, Brilliant Compositions and Brilliant Music.. That’s zero 7 for you.

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