To “SOPA/PIPA Supporters”: (Who are in the entertainment business)

You can’t censor the internet! Are you crazy? Have you thought this through? Do you know the impact it will have on the users that depend on the internet for income, communication and entertainment? You will be destroying the one tool left to express anything and everything that one can! I am pretty sure, you haven’t thought this through. More than half the web traffic will disappear!!!! You are going to censor things that people want to see. There are certain things that people want and will go to any lengths to obtain it. This SOPA/PIPA shit, will only matter for the first few days, some intelligent freak will figure out a way to bypass this as well and then what? You will come up with another law? Someone will bypass that too! So you want to keep doing this forever huh? People will always get what they want, by good means or otherwise.

To fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods, Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha some more. How long will you keep fighting this losing battle? Internet censorship is never going to happen. If it does, people will stop buying from you and pirate your goods even more because you made it unavailable to the general public (Classic example: Metallica). Some enlightened human being somewhere will make it available for the general public whether you like it or not. so screw you SOPA/PIPA! you’re pointless and you make no sense!

Once again; SOPA/PIPA is useless…. It will make online business difficult, sales will drop, PR will be destroyed, Brand Image will be hampered, and finally nobody is going to want it! So be wise and don’t head in this direction….