Nature shows you a lot of things if you are willing to listen and observe. For example, when you go for a few days to some scarcely populated place and get the chance to hang and chill amongst nature, don’t you feel totally disconnected from your daily work-city-busy life? You feel totally disconnected from all the headache and you begin to relax and calm your mind. When you reach a certain state of calmness during the trip, that’s when the fun begins. Nature starts talking to you and you can’t do anything except get captivated by its beauty and open your mind to it so it can reach into your mind and begin sorting it out. You feel those realizations and your mind expanding with every thought realized. It’s during this state when you get glimpses of your life from a 3rd person perspective which helps you understand whether you are doing what you should be or not. I try to bring you something vaguely similar through my Photographs, Graphic ArticlesRandom Blabber and weakly through a few Stanzas. I post articles about Business and Entertainment as well. I like to get involved in Business Fundamentals and Entertainment because it’s super interesting too.

Radius of A Square is total Randomness.. If you are in the mood to explore topics that are mostly ‘Food For Thought’ related, then go ahead and click on a few links till you get bored and feel like buzzing off.. 😉

Here you will find:

  1. Visual content that revolves around Food For Thought combined with Nature, Landscape, Sunset, Macro, Black and White, and Abstract Photography posted quite regularly in Radius Of A Square.
  2. Articles posted once a month in Business Theories, The Tribute and ROAS Talks.
  3. One liners or ‘Thought Of the Day’ posted regularly in Parallel Direction..
  4. Some Freestyle Art, if you can call it that, or more like Random Art in ROAS Talks..

The content is original so have fun exploring it.. 🙂

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Photographer, Musician, Free Style Artist, Editor, Critic and a Blogger. Although I am not really good at these but I can’t stop getting involved with them.  Thanks to a bunch of my friends for sharing their hobbies with me.

I’ve always been intrigued by Photography, Artwork, Collecting Things and Music since I was a kid. Never really came down to taking any of it seriously, but they did fascinate me. I admired some pictures just because they spoke out and showed me things that I could not understand through reading (due to my lack of imagination maybe). Lol.. But those pictures have always inspired me to click my own and in a way that they could speak more than words could describe. This is a feeble attempt at doing so. I am not a master or even an avid follower of Photography, Art or Music but my mind seems to expand every time I try to click pictures, paint something random or play any damn tune on any instrument.

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