What’s Your Frequency?

Everything we know exists in frequency. Everything we hear, see, taste, smell and feel is in the form of vibrations or waves. Our reactions and interactions result in more waves. A million different kinds of waves collide with each other every 1/10th of a second. What do you think happens when millions of waves vibrating at different frequencies collide with one another?

At a super microscopic level, it would be the most beautiful sight to see. Everything in vibrations, traveling in the form of waves at unimaginable speeds colliding with each other and producing signals which our brain processes for us and shows an illusion of what we truly know as life!

We are so weak that we simply cannot handle witnessing and understanding true reality in its natural form. Our mind perceives things the way it is but tends to show us what is suited to the naked eye. It tunes itself to frequencies suited by the human body. So everything around is real or fake?

When two or more frequencies collide and create resonance, a solid sight/emotion/touch/smell/taste etc is perceived.

When the frequency of our thoughts match, we develop a relationship which gets stronger with every match. That’s how we live with/around one another.

Not everybody is our friend, not everybody is a stranger either. Somewhere down the line, some strangers become friends, which means their frequency took longer to reach match yours and create a resonance.

Your mood also flows in the form of waves, sometimes up sometimes down, when two people with the same mood collide, a bond appears.

Either everything resonates at once or one thing vibrates first which attracts others towards itself to resonate.

Everybody and everything is existing in frequencies. What’s your frequency?