Life, The Universe and Everything..

Life has a mysterious way of working things out, we all know that. Some of us see patterns and some think it’s not worth wrapping your brain around. Personally, I think it’s very interesting to try and figure out how life works!

I’ve been trying to find and decode “patterns” ever since I can remember. I have always been analyzing everything I do, my actions, my reactions, my thoughts, my past, my future goals and my surroundings. Every time I get close to an answer, I seem get flipped in some vague directions and I end up starting from scratch all over again. I’ve been on countless trips to try and unlock the mysteries of Life. I have made and discarded millions of theories, never able to put my finger on it.

Ya, I know it’s a foolish thing to do but I can’t help it. I can’t do anything else but to sit and theorize about everything. My mind has always been occupied with these unanswerable questions. After “day dreaming” endlessly and developing countless theories, I think I have a little bit of a clue as to what life is all about! And I am going to share it with you guys.

Call me crazy but a lot of things that I am going post in this section is going to be true and ya, Super Crazy. Nonetheless, Enjoy Reading! 🙂

Proposed Theories:

Evolution Revolution

Ask Yourself What’s YOUR Flavour?

Wanna Play Dominoes?

What’s Your Frequency?

Types Of Women

Phases Of A Situation