Ask Yourself What’s YOUR Flavour?

As you live life you keep entering and exiting situations. Every situation has an outcome, whether good or bad. In every situation, as a human being, you tend to react in a good or a bad way. So you do certain things and your actions result in the outcome of the situation.

On a broad level, every time and in every situation you can either: succeed, lose or draw.

You also have, in every situation, a bag of bitter gourd seeds representing bad deeds and apple seeds representing good deeds. Every time you respond, you are planting seeds to reap later on.  While reaping, If your stock consists more of apples then you’ve been doing good and you must have planted more apple seeds in the past and less bitter gourd seeds. But if your stock consists more of bitter gourd, then you have done way too many bad deeds in the past and planted many bitter gourd seeds. You can choose to sell your stock to others as well. Even in this particular activity you are planting seeds depending on which part of your stock your selling. If you sell apples then you automatically sow more apple seeds and flourish your apple plantation. If you sell bitter gourd, its vice verse.

The result of a situation depends on your actions in that situation. Your actions could be good or bad. A good action, means you are planting an apple seed and a bad action, means you are planting a bitter gourd seed.

In most situations, you reap fruits from earlier plantations and plant more new ones to reap later on. This cycle is constant and repeats every time, whether you believe it or not.

If you receive help in a situation and succeed, the number of apples increase in your inventory. If you received help but still didn’t succeed, chances are you are gathering too much bitter gourd.

‘Help’ could be in the form of anything helpful to steer the outcome of the situation. The nature of that ‘Help’ depends on the kind of seeds you been sowing. You carry the stock with you always because that the food for your soul. Along the way, your harvest replenishes your inventory. You keep planting these seeds everywhere you go. Sooner or later you are going to have a whole field of these plants and you are going to have to reap them to consume it all or sell to increase further stock.

So again, What’s your flavour?