Wanna Play Dominoes?

Usually what we like to think, or we are generally led to believe, that we should spend most of our lives in chasing materialistic goals. We go to school to learn basics, we go to college to major in a specific domain, we move on to master that particular domain and start monetizing. Then Monetizing becomes the number 1 priority. Why do we want to monetize? To fulfill our physical and materialistic needs, which is all we think about.

Everything boils down to catering to our physical and materialistic needs which has led us to their addiction. Funnily enough, people kill for keeping up with these kinds of addictions and no one seems to protest them.  Anyways, today, the situation has become so dense, that we cannot survive without money. Everything comes for a price now, even sitting at home doing nothing costs money! Hence by default we’ve become materialistic.

Is anybody even interested in what the spiritual needs of a human being are? When we die, we don’t take anything with us so why are we so involved in building something which would be worth absolutely nothing one day? why do we not discover, explore and research on what will matter after death? Materialistically we have evolved like lightning, spiritually however, we seem to be devolving.

I guess, being human means not paying attention to what we are supposed to, instead, get involved in other distractions that are interesting, and usually very tempting which end up in us going further into the situation and deviating from the right goals. Then we try to get out of that situation which leads to, us falling into another situation and another and so on.

Every situation we get involved in, leads to consequences which lead to further consequences and spreads like a ripple. Every action of ours starts a domino like reaction. Everyday we play dominoes with every thing around us and we get so involved that we forget the most important things in life. Somehow we always make these incidents top priority. We get so involved in the daily situations and the situations that follow, that we never stop to think, for just a few seconds, and ask a question to ourselves that “DO I REALLY NEED THIS In My Life?” 99% of the times we don’t like the answer. The answer is always NO. Yet we can’t get out of the situation because we seem to be obligated to the situation in some way or the other. We get caught up in the situation by everything that is material or physical. We constantly interact with everything which starts the ‘Dominoes Effect’.

It is so delicately complex that the moment we enter in a particular situation we’ve nudged the first domino.

So, how many dominoes have you flipped till date? Next time when you get into a situation, think whether you want to play those dominoes..