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Everything Becomes Beautiful Overtime

Thought Pattern 11

It’s Open Skies After..

Thought Pattern 15

Thought Pattern 14

Thought Pattern 13

Thought Pattern 12

Thought Pattern 10

Spread Good Ripples

Sphere Of Influence

Somethings In Life Are Just Better Than most

Smoke The Bombs

Rock n Grass = Rock n Roll

Yellow Scribbles

High View

Thought Pattern 17

This Could Be A Huge Forest For An Ant

High Aims

The Two Towers

The Two Towers

Where Is Everybody?

Changed Over Time

Be Rigid As A Rock And Watch The Grass Take Over..


Under The Bridge Down Town

Abandoned Memories

Walk On By

I Know The Reaper :)

Keep Spewing.. We’ll Get Spewed On Later..

People Are Often Deeper Than Understood

Other End Of The Tunnel

From Beyond A Dead End

I Need My Freedom

Eventually, Good Will Take Over..

Feels Good To Leave A Truck Load Behind

Down Memory Lane.. Dead End Ahead..

Friend Indeed

An Upcoming Idea

Fix The Future

Mmmm…. Donut…. hhhhhhh…