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A Turn Worth Taking

One Small Step For Man And He Falls On His Face

Paradisiac Piece

Are You A Shade Provider Or Seeker?

Simba’s Court

Between Rock And Rock

Don’t Follow The Leader.. He’s Crazy!!

Life Is Exactly Like Driving On A Highway

A Journey Need Not Have A Goal.. Goals Are Weary Sometimes

Questions Fly In Your Head.. Answers Fly in The Wind

Purple Haze

Satisfied Living Is Also A Life Style

If You Don’t Like Making Your Own Decisions, Sleep With The Fishes..

Lets Lay Off The Concrete And Grow Some Green Instead

Brutally Beautiful

Nature Is Here To Stay.. We Shouldn’t Mess With It.. It Could Go Sarcastic On Our Asses!


Freedom Vehicle.. Don’t Get Onboard! Now It’s A Con!!

Your Kibosh Is Useless.. We’ll Always Work Around It :))

Take A Walk And See Nature In Concert

Is There Anybody Out There?

Waiting For The World To Change

Nobody Is Truly Beatific.. Everybody Is A Little fiendish Inside..

Amongst Numerous Advantages, CROWD Kills This!

Sometimes It’s Deeper Than It Looks

Don’t Worry.. We’re Gonna Take Their Place Someday :)

Going Green Is A Good Disease, Unlucky For Us We Found A Cure

Wild Domestics

Nature’s Beginning To Corrode

We Should’ve Been Happier Like This

Heaven’s Right Here

Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

Up-Close And Personal

Road To Nowhere



Good Days Do Come By Every Now And Then..

Future Explosion

Leave Your Worries While You Close Your Eyes

Try Having A Dashboard View Of Everything, It Makes The Picture Less Hazy..

Welcoming Change