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Grow More Green

Stairway From Heaven

Leave It All Behind

I Know The Reaper :)

Hop On To Get Screwed..

Go More Green..

Walk The Line

Keep Spewing.. We’ll Get Spewed On Later..

People Are Often Deeper Than Understood

Other End Of The Tunnel

Heaps Of Isolated Memories

Happy Ending

From Beyond A Dead End

Lets Get Outta Here..

I Need My Freedom

It’s Not Working.. Deviate A Little..

Upto Something Good

Invisible Warfare

Eventually, Good Will Take Over..

Down To Earth

Feels Good To Leave A Truck Load Behind

Down Memory Lane.. Dead End Ahead..

Finally, It All Amounts To Nothing..


Calling To Sit And Re-evaluate

Colaba Point

Cloud Blunder

Friend Indeed

Epic Dramatic

Obscure Amber

Orange Grenade

An Upcoming Idea

Distant Memories

Fix The Future

Broken Dreams

Together We Can

Out Of The Mouth Of Madness

Time It Right And Its A Perfect Harvest

Clarity Is Half Hazy

It’s A Big World Out There