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Photographer, Musician, Free Style Artist, Editor, Critic and a Blogger. Although I am not really good at any of these but I can’t stop getting involved with them. Thanks to a bunch of my friends for sharing their hobbies with me.

I use my 8.1 MP camera phone set to 6 MP Widescreen feature to capture images. Sometimes I use the 8.1 MP feature but it doesn’t give me the widescreen capture ability, the good part is the camera has a 720p recording ability so the details in the photographs are a bit better than a regular point and shoot. Since the photographs are captured on inferior equipment, I apologize for the bad image quality. I want to get myself some better equipment suited for my areas of interest but It may be a while, since photography isn’t my profession.. [lol].. I ask you to please make do with the poor image quality. The subject and topics are what I am more focused on.

I really like the internet. I think it’s a boon to man granted by man himself. Since the internet came into picture, man has progressed way more than expected and really fast. With the rate at which things are going, I am sure  we are going to be just fine if we use technology to it’s advantage. A few speed bumps will be inevitable, but still there is a very bright future that could lay ahead of us.

I disagree that this world has a definite end, because there was no definite beginning to begin with.  How can there be an end to something that doesn’t have a start? The earth will adapt to its new changes, we will be wiped off and some other new species will take over, just as history depicts. All species lived their lives merrily and we are doing it too. So what if we did it a little extra and now ‘our’ end has gotten a little dangerously close? It’s OK right? It’s all fun and games..

When you go about living your life, make sure you don’t disturb another person’s peace of mind. Have a clear conscience, be grateful about what you have and create good ripples in the society. While doing so, Prosperity at a spiritual, personal and materialistic level will be guaranteed. Don’t worry about bad things that happen in your life, they get balanced out. It’s how karma functions.

If we each prosper and help people close to us prosper as well; the world prospers collectively. Utopia!

I am not a big fan of “conventional” thinking. It’s ONE of the ways of living life and not THE way of  living life.

I look at life a little differently and I am always amazed at what it shows me.

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